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BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK Download


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BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK

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BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK  BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK is an easy-to-use set of client and server ActiveX components designed to build virtual private chat networks for small to medium groups, typically up to several hundreds of desktops. Based on mixed client/server and peer-to-peer technology. It provides totally secure text and voice messeging through powerful on-the-fly encryption.

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK Features
- Virtual Client-to-Client connections over physical Client/Server network
When a direct connection between two clients is impossible because of NAT limitations, a permanent virtual circuit can be established. In such a case, the server relays the packets traveling between that clients.
- Highly compressed audio data for low-bandwidth connections
- Silence compression with a voice activity detector
- Echo suppression with a double talk detector
- Audio data available in raw PCM format for visualization
- Detection of input signal overloading & packet delaying on network slowdown
- Capability to mute recording & playback
- Instant alert & chat messaging
- Direct file transfer, SOCKS proxy support
- On-the-fly 128-bit AES encryption with random session keys
- Client authentication at protocol level with digital fingerprints or secret keys
- Client authentication at application level with username/password
- Symmetric encryption mode with shared secret key
- Asymmetric encryption mode with 1024-bit Public/Private keys
- Elegant event-driven paradigm for easy integration into Windows applications
- Responsive user interface while maintaining maximum bandwidth
- Simple and well-organized set of properties, methods and events
- Multi-threaded, fully self-contained ActiveX control
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