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DirectX Tweaker Download


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DirectX Tweaker

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DirectX Tweaker  The DirectX Tweaker is a tool that acts like an interface between DirectX and/or Direct 3D and the program that originally uses the Direct 3D interfaces.

This allows to change or log all actions of the Direct 3D interface. At present, this functionality is given for DirectX 8 API and DirectX 9 API.

The DirectX Tweaker serves as a host for many different plug-ins, which provide different functions each. With this kind of modular approach it is very easy to design special modules to interact with Direct 3D.

To reach the greatest possible audience, the DirectX Tweaker will be available in different versions. The first version is a free Community Edition, with a limited choice of plug-ins and thus, functionality.
  Requirements: Microsoft DirectX, Microsoft .NET Framework
 Report ProblemFile Size 1.15 MB  Supported Platforms Win98/Me/2000/XP  Home Page Homepage


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