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Key Folder

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Key Folder  Key Folder is a secure password management software that helps you organize and store your passwords and other sensitive information you do not want other people to get access to. You can store all kinds of information like web site accounts, e-mail accounts, PIN codes, bank account information, credit card numbers, software license/registration codes and other data that you want to keep secure and have easy access to.

You can organize your information into custom folders and categories, copy usernames and passwords to the clipboard and search for specific entries. Another handy feature is that Key Folder allows you to associate multiple website or email links with an entry, which makes it easy to jump to specific pages or to contact support staff associate with the account. Key Folder also includes automatic backup and restore, import data, export data, a password generator, password expiration, drag and drop support and more.

With Key Folder you only have to remember one password, the one to Key Folder. All your data is Blowfish encrypted when saved to disk with a 128-bits encryption key generated from the user name and password using MD5 hash algorithm.
  Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework
 Report ProblemFile Size 390 KB  Supported Platforms Win98/Me/2000/XP  Home Page Homepage


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