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Vocal Remover Download




Vocal Remover

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Vocal Remover  With Vocal Remover you can diminish or remove vocal part of music, so you can easily have favorite song prepared for karaoke singing practice,or further editing process. You can listen and compare original and result audio before actuall vocal removal process and manually fine tune vocal removing parameters, such as cut off frequences and vocal pan position parameter. Vocal remover has simple, intuitive interface, you can edit audio simply as possible, in few clicks.Supported input and output formats are : MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, OGG, Wave.
You can also use Vocal Remover to adjust global audio volume level, change it and save to new, separate file. Vocal remover uses algorithms based on usual vocal part distribution in professionaly recorded stereo audio files. Thus, mono files, or pseudo stereo files recorded from sound card, video sharing sites etc. will not give satisfactory results.
  Requirements: Typical Win XP computer
 Report ProblemFile Size 3.50 MB  Supported Platforms Win95/98/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista  Home Page Homepage


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