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XXCopy  XXCOPY is a command line file management utility

- Comes with a 16-bit version (XXCOPY16).
- (XXCOPY16.EXE copies files using the short (8.3 format) name only.)
- Duplicates the entire system drive which can boot Win9x (xxtb #10).
- Keeps the same short name (8.3) in the destination as in the source (xxtb #03).
- The source specifier accepts wildcards in directory names also (xxtb #28).
- Backs up directory incrementally without the use of archive bit. (xxtb #06).
- Synchronizes directories (xxtb #20).
- Controls file attributes (keeps the source, destination attributes or none).
- Excludes directories or files from copying by wild cards(xxtb #05).
- Handles a Cyclic Copy case much better than XCOPY (xxtb #07).
- Qualifies files by file date/time (Before, On, or After) (xxtb #17).
- Deletes files or directories using the same powerful selection mechanism (xxtb #12).
- Copies hidden/system files, and overwrites Read-only files.
- Flattens a directory tree into files in one directory (xxtb #16).
- ... and many, many, intimidatingly more ... (over 200 command switches)
- Copies security information for NTFS volume archiving.
- Supersedes Microsoft's ROBOCOPY (xxtb #30).
- Works very much like XCOPY with the same command syntax..
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